About Raghuveer Samant

raghuveersamant.com was created primarily to reintroduce to all MARATHI readers as ‘ONE WRITER and HIS LITERATURE’, his life and his contribution to Marathi literature and highlight his multi-faceted personality. It was felt necessary to create this web site as he is almost extinct from peoples’ memory.

His period was mid 20th century. He was quite famous, active and contributed profusely during 1927-28 to 1965-66. He wrote about 50 books covering nearly 7000 printed pages and different genre during this forty years active period. Besides being an author of fame and repute in his times, he was also a renown teacher. He also ventured in many other areas such as film making, printing press, singing and tourism for middle class.

He is RAGHUNATH JAGANNATH SAMANT (1909 – 1985) alias Raghuveer Samant (his literary name from 1938 onward till his death in 1985), alias Kumar Raghuveer (the literary name he enjoyed in initial period of 1927 to 1938).

It is necessary to present an English Version for those readers, students and researchers who are more conversant and familiar with English. For all such persons we decided to introduce Raghuveer Samant as a writer and his personality. It may be found useful.

Chhaya Deo (daughter)
Deepak Samant (son)